Christina moser

creative coordinator

As an undergraduate at the University of Texas, in Austin, Christina earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design. After graduating, she went to work for a large advertising company in town. After some time she found the lack of creativity and vision within the company to be profoundly detrimental to her passion for the arts and creativity, which was the driving force behind her pursuit of a degree in design in the first place. While working as a freelance graphic designer, she was better able to balance art and design, maintaining her clients as well as pursuing her art. In the Fall of 2015, Christina joined the Metropolitan Gallery team as Creative Coordinator; she is finally able to utilize her various design and fine art knowledge, while assisting with project management and artist relations.

Get to Know Christina


Art has always been my greatest passion. When I was four years old I attended my first art class, there I painted a picture of a fish, after class my teacher approached my mom and told her I had potential; ever since I have been creating and involved with fine art. Growing up I found myself constantly thinking I had no other career option except for something creative. I began college as a studio art major, later to apply and be accepted to the design department. Today I am still involved with creating and art making, focusing on drawing, silk screening and installation pieces. I draw inspiration from physical spaces and desolate landscapes; I am interested in how memory effects our impression of a place.


Land art and installation art do something special for me; the experience of viewing a work in its intended location enhances my involvement with a piece. I'm enamored by the process of visiting land art, generally located in sequestered settings, putting myself in the mind of the artist and the intentionality of a chosen space. I love the works of Dan Flavin, Donald Judd, Richard Long, Walter de Maria, and James Turrell.


I could not live without Mark Rothko, long horizon lines, sunflowers, the West Texas sky, and all the succulents I’ve managed to keep alive. However, if I really think about it, I most of all could not live without my family and friends and their constant love and support; they're pretty great.

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Casa De Oro