MG Artist: Jerry Cabrera

MG has worked with artist Jerry Cabrera on a number of projects including Tobin Lofts in San Antonio and SPECTRUM, a special collection curated for Gensler's Austin headquarters in 2014. Jerry’s work is best described as vibrant. His oil paintings on bevel-backed canvas are reminiscent of neon light. Cabrera teaches Drawing and Painting at The University of Texas, San Antonio and at the Art Institute of San Antonio. He has received grants from the National Association for Latino Arts and Culture and The Texas Cultural Collaborative. He is represented by Craighead Green Gallery in Dallas, TX and The Joan Grona Gallery in San Antonio, TX. In 2011 Cabrera was nominated to receive the Joan Mitchell Foundation Artist Grant.

Q&A with Jerry:

MG: Tell us a little about your studio practice. Where do you work best? Is there a certain schedule you like to keep or one you find most productive?

JC: I've set my studio up in my house--I prefer the accessibility of being able to go in and out at any given moment if I need to. Generally, I work best in the evening, sometimes late into the night.  

MG: How do you get into a groove with your work?

JC: I usually paint in 7 to 8 hour sessions. For me music has always allowed me to create momentum while painting.

MG: Where do you draw the most inspiration and motivation? 

JC: I draw the most inspiration from a recent experience visiting the former concentration camp site in Germany. My motivation comes from honoring and acknowledging those were kept out of the light against their will.

MG: How long have you been working with MG and what’s that been like for you?

JC: I've been working with MG for a long, long time now.  I'm very happy with he effort, communication, and opportunities the relationship has provided.

MG selected Cabrera's paintings for the Tobin Lofts project in San Antonio, Texas. See more about the project here >>