A Look into Studio 124

Borrell_studio #124_Expanding Landscape Sculpture 3 viewsMelissa uses modern machines and industrial processes as well as traditional craft techniques to create pieces that challenge our expectations. Originally a jewelry designer Melissa has evolved her crafted from wearable pieces to creating sculpture and architectural installations. Her work both in jewelry and sculpture is influenced by her love of geometry, architecture, movement and transformation.

Find more of Melissa's work on her website and visit her work here in MG's Spring Show April 18th and 19th!

What is your process like?

"My work is inspired directly from materials- I take a material that I’m attracted to and experiment to see what I can do with it."

If you could arrange a studio visit with any artist, dead or alive, who would you visit and why?

"Gego- her installation are an inspiration to me- I love her use of line and space and that she works both in 3D and 2D"

What did you listen to on the way to work today?


What do you love about the art world? What do you hate about it?

"I love the art community and having artist friends as well as seeing all the amazing work that is being produced in the world. I also like that is easier to reach people far away now with the internet which opens up more possibilities for showing work."

What is something people don't know about you?

"I love to cook and am just as creative in the kitchen as with my art."

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