East austin studio tour: 2015

The East Austin Studio Tour is upon us! We are featuring new works by a new Austin favorite (Robin 1000), a forever Austin favorite (Adreon Henry), and some beautiful paintings straight out of Los Angeles (Jenny Hager). Come join us during November at Canopy!

The East Austin Studio Tour is an annual event that began in 2003. A growing number of local Austin artists  have set up shop and opened their studios since then. The event will stretch over two weekends: Novemeber 14th-15th and 21st-22nd. Over four hunderd studios and galleries will be open to the public, including Metropolitan Gallery. If that seems a little overwhleming, start here at Canopy and we'll help you choose where to go next!

Jenny hager

Jenny Hager

Jenny Hager's work is a stunning combination of layers. Generally, the conceit of a piece balances between two ends of a saturated color palette. Each piece a palimpsest, the layers she creates with large gestural brush strokes and angular negative lines communicate between each other.

Hager’s work first came to Metropolitan Gallery back in January of 2015 through the tenacious research of our Lead Project Manager, Shelby Letsinger. We have featured Hager’s work in four projects since and are honored to be showing nine of her paintings in our gallery space during the East Austin Studio Tour this year.

"I find inspiration in almost all that surrounds me...the fluorescent reds of a sunset and the hour glass on the belly of a black widow, the craggy monumental facades of mountains, the atheist’s heaven of the Hubble telescopes photographs, the ingenious worlds of science fiction, and the joy of being a physical entity." -J. Hager

Adreon Henry

Jenny Hager

A man of many talents and a long-time friend of Metropolitan Gallery, Adreon Henry has been creating music, design and visual art in the Austin community for the last fifteen years. With dedication and a thoughtful approach to his artistic process, Henry has produced a body of work that consistently matures in aesthetics and value. Metropolitan Gallery was pleased to Spotlight his work in 2015 and now present his work in our space during the East Austin Studio Tour.

Industrial grade vinyl is a clear, thick, and malleable sheet.  In Henry’s hands, it has a surprising breadth of visual possibility. After screenprinting his design onto the vinyl, he cuts and weaves it, stretching it over a frame. Such labor intensive processes produce in intricate pieces full of depth and texture. The latest foray in his career, Resistance Patterns, exhibits a true mastery of his craft.

Many moons ago, before Mia was owner and principal of Metropolitan Gallery, when Adreon was just starting to work with screen-printed vinyl, the two met at the artist’s studio. Mia saw his talent and potential, and has been tracking his career since. Over the years, Metropolitan Gallery has included Henry’s work in numerous collections and gallery shows.

Robin 1000

Jenny Hager

Robin 1000 is Texas Native, living and working now in Austin. Mia discovered his work while strolling through Graffiti Part on Austin’s westside, where Robin was working on a new piece. Mia invited him to create a piece in our gallery space to unveil this year during EAST.

"As far as materials go I introduce new things when the ideas I have call for something I haven’t done yet. I wouldn’t say I am introducing new things all the time but for instance, when I started to paint larger images spray paint was introduced to the process, as it is so effective for large areas. While doing that I learned a lot about the advantages and disadvantages of the medium. And as far as projects go, I would like to try as many different things as possible, whether design work, installation, painting large scale, painting various objects (cars, guitars, helmets, furniture, clothes, etc.). I hope to make art that works on every level." -Robin 1000